Mandatory Hearing Tests

Infant Hearing Program

Hearing loss occurs 1.4 per 1,000 in newborns. Early detection can lead to prompt treatment to minimize the effects on hearing, speech, and learning. The hearing program at CJNC creates a new model where the screening of a newborn’s hearing is done with the family in mind. Our group of talented professionals and technicians will perform the screening of your newborn’s hearing in the room with the mother. Our intention is to prevent separation of the baby from its mother, reducing maternal anxiety.

Newborn hearing screenings are mandated by the State of New Jersey. We will bill your insurance carrier directly as a courtesy to you. CJNC has agreements with most of the insurance carriers. Most patients have no out-of-pocket costs. All parents are encouraged to read their policy or contact your insurance carrier to determine their specific coverage.

Testing Procedure:

We begin performing these screens on the day after birth so that the discharge process isn’t delayed waiting for the screen to be done. Upon entering your room our screeners will introduce themselves. All have a visible ID badge and can be easily identified by their turquoise uniform tops with the CJNC logo.

  1. Preparation: While preparing the equipment they will ask you questions to determine your family history and any risk factors for hearing loss. This is important to determine if your baby needs any further diagnostic hearing testing as an infant.
  2. Equipment: All equipment is safe and will cause no harm to your baby. An earphone is placed over each of your baby’s ears and 3 electrodes are placed on your baby’s forehead, back, and shoulder.
  3. Results: You get to watch the test proceed and once completed the screener will give you a copy of the test results. A copy is placed in the baby’s chart and a copy is prepared for your pediatrician.